Fast Weather Simulation for Inverse Procedural Design of 3D Urban Models

Ignacio Garcia-Dorado1,2    Daniel G. Aliaga1    Saiprasanth Bhalachandran1    Paul Schmid1    Dev Niyogi1

1 Purdue University   2 Google Research

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2017

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We present the first realistic, physically-based, fully coupled, real-time weather design tool for use in urban procedural modeling. We merge designing of a 3D urban model with a controlled long-lasting spatiotemporal interactive simulation of weather. Starting from the fundamental dynamical equations similar to those used in state-of-the-art weather models, we present a novel simplified urban weather model for interactive graphics. Control of physically-based weather phenomena is accomplished via an inverse modeling methodology. In our results, we present several scenarios of forward design, inverse design with high-level and detailed-level weather control and optimization, as well as comparisons of our method against well-known weather simulation results and systems.

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We provide the C++ code of our weather simulation. This code contains all the elements necassary to simulate weather: 1. loads an initial weather sounding, 2. randomly generates a terrain configuration, 3. runs our 3D weather simulation for any given number of simulation steps. For more details, please refer to the github and code documentation.

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